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He lied to me about getting tested which is why I let myself be talked out of using condoms for oral. We had vaginal sex 4 times (using a condom each time) and I gave him a blowjob 4 times (all without a condom. I wondered if anyone knew the likelihood I could have caught an STI/HIV?

I lost my virginity to him but he was not a virgin.

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Grand Theft Auto IV Walkthrough by Mattdean76 This Walkthrough is copyright Mattdean76 and is can only be posted on the site listed below. It will show you how the Pay n Spray works and it will advance the game 3 hours.

Pull into the destination marker as he enters the car, he needs you to take him over to Masterson St, pull into the marker in an alley and Jermaine gets out after seeing the garage door open and then the cops show up.

The soundtrack is expanded by purchasing two episodes of downloadable content, Grand Theft Auto: The Lost and Damned and Grand Theft Auto: The Ballad of Gay Tony, which each add over 50 songs and a talk radio program to the existing radio stations.

GRAND THEFT AUTO IV WALKTHROUGH FOR THE GAME GRAND THEFT AUTO IV ON THE PLAYSTATION 3, XBOX 360 AND PC WRITTEN BY RATCHET12345 CREATED 21/07/2008 HOSTING SITES: here for latest version) com If you see ANY of my guides on Cheat CC.com, then PLEASE tell me how to get them off there (I don't have an account on thir site, unfortunately.

They asked me to host my guides on their site via email). They have actually MODIFIED the file, which is MY interlectual property which has been posted under MY alias, and replaced the hotsing site listing with their own site listing, as well as deleting the Game FAQs credit in the credit list. Why they would even do that in the first place eludes me - you're just screwing gamers who want the latest info over.

Pull out of the alley and start heading out of the area.

You get a 2 star wanted level that you need to lose.

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The songs included with the downloadable content carry over to the compilation disc Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City, but songs featured originally in Grand Theft Auto IV do not.

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