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Teague claims the snaps were supposed to be private.'The context wasn't public,' she said. It was on my Snapchat story, but the only people I have on my Snapchat are all of my closest friends and two colleagues, and so recording it, I do think is a little bit of a breach of privacy.'The representative issued an apology over the way the video was leaked, but said she still stands behind it.'It wasn't something that I put out to the public, but the content I do stand behind.Have you ever had hot young girls sleeping over at your house and had the urge to sneak in on them and check out their pussies with your dick while they sleep?'Moral of the story kids is that if you want to have a part of the discussion, you want to sit at the table, know what you're talking about.'The social media post created controversy among her constituents, saying she 'sounds like a child' and 'unprofessional', reported KFOR.Republican Representative Josh Cockroft, posted on Facebook Tuesday that social media probably isn't the best way to talk, or argue, politics, subtly taking a jab at his colleague.A bizarre Snapchat video has emerged of Oklahoma State Representative Tess Teague ranting about work frustrations, taken on May 22, in which she sports bunny ears and uses a high-pitched voice modifier'When you yell profanities outside the Speaker of the House's door, he is not coming out...

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When you yell profanities outside the Speaker of the House's door, he is not coming out...

And I would be willing to bet that not one protester there today can tell you what "GPT" (gross production tax) is or that out-of-state royalty owners pay 18 percent and up.

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No one was injured in the collision, which happened about p.m.

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