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Unfortunately I saw the recent Time Life cover with the 5 year old sucking moms titty. Will the breast keep producing milk as long as a kid is nursing off it? Is there a limit on how long mothers can produce milk?There is a lot of pressure on new mothers to make their bodies immediately spring back to their post-pregnancy shapes.With a lot of help - both with their bodies and their babies - celebrities often seem to get back in shape unfeasibly quickly.

When new mother Louise Burns attempted to feed her baby at Claridges this week, a waiter rushed over with a napkin to drape over the offending scene. He later insisted his remarks had been taken out of context, and said it was merely “a question of good manners”. No one with any manners would publically humiliate a young mother for feeding her child.I mention this because, if Nigel Farage is to take on the lactating women of Britain, he ought to know what he’s up against.The Ukip leader suggested yesterday that breastfeeding mothers should “sit in the corner” and avoid being “openly ostentatious”, because “some people are very embarrassed by it”. Around 20 per cent of Britons, according to a poll taken earlier this year, believe women should not nurse their babies in public.Typically, a (male or female) breast will produce milk as long as it's properly stimulated to do so; there are countries where children are breastfed until 5 or older b/c of a lack of nutritious food. I find it difficult to believe if I hooked up a electric breast pump to a normal adult male he would just start lactating. I would speculate that combining herbal or hormonal protocols w/ the physical manipulation of a breast pump would be more successful for men to lactate but some have written otherwise.There have been women throughout history who were paid wet-nurses for years and years; that was their job. This page has many of the same sources I've read since I started looking into inducing lactation myself (though I'm a woman).

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