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I mean, if the only option is to get all TMI about something, I guess I'd rather have an uncomfortable sex chat than a heart to heart about pissing myself.We, the citizens of New York, love tourists (no, really, we do!I would like to share my wonderful life with a man who is trustworthy and hardworking.I am looking for a man who is HONEST, CARING, LOVING, SINCERE, PASSIONATE, ROMANTIC, RESPONSIB I am rosemond but if u want to chat whit me u will add me on is is the yahoo id {[email protected] name i am 32 female with no kids ...never been married....5'7 feet tall and athletic and I was born in Ghana and raised in Ghana my religion is a Christian,never mind about me been a Christian so let us see what the future would hold for me and u.Special request: Dedicated to a lovely young lady who was a fan of my videos early on and that shared the show back in the days with people around her.A few days ago she found me on facebook, Cher this one's for you!Worse comes to worst, they’ll cave in and you will fall 10 feet, possibly busting an arm, and then get to sue the city for millions! ) We may zone it out, but in this shared space, a (really loud) stage whisper about “that man over there” or “that weird homeless guy” brands you as a tourist, if not a jerk. Laugh uproariously as you poke out several eyeballs and run into people instead of, say, lifting your umbrella as people pass.

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Am student i study accounting and i just completed my education and had master degree in accounting.

Talking about who i am;am that easy going type, adventurous, romantic, ambitious and have a very good sense of humor..

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