Consolidating multiple spreadsheets into one

In comparison to a standard data consolidation in Microsoft Excel, Advanced Consolidation Manager will allow you to process any number of files per one program run as well as to combine data from different files in one.“ by Alchim31“Conso XL the quickest way to consolidate excel sheets.

If you send out spreadsheets to affiliates, branches, departments..later need to consolidate them all, or if you simply need to consolidate identical sheets, Conso XL will save you hours of work.” “…it will build the consolidation model by analyzing the content of the files.

Use this add-in to fill range by random values or linear series; delete, insert by intervals; convert date values, data types, and cases; extract valid e-mail addresses and filter result; append tables to form a master list; ….” by Mapilab“Advanced Consolidation Manager is designed for merging tables and consolidating Microsoft Excel data.

To combine just a couple of sheets, you may not need anything else but the good old copy/paste.

But if you are to merge tens of sheets, errors with manual copying/pasting are inevitable.

The tutorial demonstrates different ways to combine sheets in Excel depending on what result you are after - consolidate data from multiple worksheets, combine several sheets by copying their data, or merge two Excel spreadsheets into one by the key column.

Today we will tackle a problem that many Excel users are struggling with daily - how to merge multiple Excel sheets into one without copying and pasting.

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Most often as they come from the same initial form they have the same name, the filename being the name of the department, branch etc.

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