Saints row the third validating

Like the previous two games in the series, Saints Row and Saints Row 2, the game is an open-world sandbox.

Whereas the previous games charted the 3rd Street Saints' rise to power over Stilwater, Saints Row: The Third charts their adventure in a new city: Steelport.

Steelport is a city that was created as factories flourished with little city planning, and since has suffered from economic failure, contrasting the glamour of Stilwater.The bond market bull also seemed to last a lifetime and that’s gone south now, too.Poor Trump’s mammoth ego has led him by the snout into a deadfall trap.However, I'm certain that eventually, time passes and there's a day/night cycle.It's possible that, as others have speculated, it doesn't pass until late in the game, but I feel like I've seen this happen earlier in the game as well.

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I have no idea why it crashes at that point, I really wanna complete the game and this isn't helping.

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