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Thompson is the daughter of director Eric Thompson and actress Phyllida Law, and her younger sister, Sophie, also became an actress.At first, Thompson did not want to follow in her parents' footsteps.Check back for more dispatches at throughout the festival, which runs from May 17 to May 28. Right after it, at the film’s press conference, Nicole Kidman raved to press about her “passion for pushing boundaries” in a role that has her lying naked and lifeless across a bed for her husband, the heart surgeon, in a sex game called “general anesthetic.” In the afternoon, in a penthouse suite of the Carlton Hotel, as a seagull the size of a cat perched on the balcony ledge, Ben Stiller talked to me about creative challenges with a gaze that had the searing intensity of Derek Zoolander’s “Blue Steel.” Next to him, Adam Sandler looked ill at ease, and tried to put on a happy face as he complained about missing his kids back home in L. A few minutes later, I watched Dustin Hoffman fight back tears as he told an intimate story of seeing a family member take her last breath.Everyone I met seemed desperate to talk about anything but movies. At this year’s Cannes, several times a day, we’ve been stepping out of the brilliant sunshine of the French Riviera, then herded through airport-level security to congregate in a dark theatre and watch civilization go straight to hell.Emma Thompson's six-year marriage to actor Kenneth Branagh ended in 1995, but after keeping quiet about the details of her split for nearly 18 years, the Academy Award-winning actress confirmed that an affair between Branagh, 52, and actress Helena Bonham Carter apparently led to their split. Helena and I made our peace years and years ago." There were reports that while filming "Mary Shelley's Frankenstein," Branagh had reportedly begun a romance with Carter, his co-star, in 1994.

away from each other and, as a result, we have drifted apart." Branagh and Carter, 47, went public with their romance shortly after, but later broke up in 1999.

Although the actors cited work demands that kept them far apart and estranged, prevalent rumors at the time claimed that Branagh was having an affair with another on-the-rise British actress with whom they'd both worked onscreen: Helena Bonham Carter. Carter, meanwhile, has been in a long-term relationship with director Tim Burton since 2001; they share son Billy, 10 and daughter Nell, 5.

PHOTOS: Famous women who've been cheated on -- and the mistresses Speaking about that scandal for the first time in the UK's , Thompson (borrowing a quote from director Mike Nicholls) says that betrayal is "all blood under the bridge.

Famous for playing an overgrown child in his gravy train of dumb comedies, here Sandler doubles down on the dramatic heft he first showed in (2009), and pulls new depths of maturity out of the closet.

“He asked me out once,” Emma Thompson said dryly in an interview for a Swedish news outlet. ” the actress and writer deadpanned, before letting out a riotous laugh.

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