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Text can be freely resized, rotated and moved around by finger gestures.

Users can also adjust the effect of the Polaroid border, such as choosing from 26 different colors, adding crosshatch, stain, wrinkle and fingerprints on to the border.

But recently, as part of my and a heck of a lot other people’s newly rekindled interest in film photography, I became interested in instant photography too. The headline says it— That doesn’t mean instant photography can’t be practical.

It uses Instax Mini film to produce credit card-sized prints and features a 60mm lens that’s can focus as close as 11.8-inches. Variation of this model in colors and shapes are available at prices that less than the Mini 90 Neo Classic.

In Japan there are also versions of this camera and Fuji makes film that works with all Instax cameras with these cartoons printed around the images.

It’s a compact bag with a removable shoulder strap with a zippered mesh pocket on the interior of the front flap as well as a zippered rear pocket.

The best way to describe Fujifilm's Instax Mini 9 camera is with one word: Delightful.

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When it comes to having fun in photography, some of the most can be had with Instant film cameras.

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