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Sally Connolly, 43, who was married to a successful chef and lived in £450,000 house in a wealthy Manchester suburb had been regarded as the ideal choice to be chairwoman of the Parent Teachers Association.

However a court heard over a five year period she secretly stole up to £46,000 while helping organise fetes, cake baking events, afternoon teas and other fund raising activities at the 450 pupil St Catherine's School in Didsbury, Greater Manchester.

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This was before the arrests and the trials and the cameras, before his pedigree became a cudgel with which to flog him, before strangers were writing him letters urging him to kill himself. He was rehearsing a plea for mercy — his closing argument to jurors weighing his financial fate.

Once in a while, after I was able to wash up enough, I stopped in at one of the local pubs, and in time got to know a couple of the other guys who seem to hang out there.

I guess I bitched enough about my rotten job, until one day one of the guys who worked in the office of a big lumber yard, told me there was an opening in one of the yard crews.

Connolly wept as she admitted five charges of theft at Manchester Crown Court.

Ron was the crew lead, and never seemed to get tired of showing me the “how-to’s,” but the other guys were just as helpful and I felt I was getting to be a part of the team.The pilfered money was then paid into accounts belonging to her 47-year-old unwitting husband John - who works as a senior trainer for a catering company, as well as Connolly's unsuspecting mother.Police were called after it was revealed there was cash missing from the school's PTA account prompting Connolly to turn herself in. I found a job within a few weeks, but it was far from the ideal job.I was a mechanic’s helper in the city garage, working on garbage trucks, an often nasty job.

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