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People in Eastern countries of the world are more fundamentalist in their approach towards inter-faith marriages, because demonstratively, they have quite a high number of fucks to give, owing to unknown reasons, and therefore, these marriages bear the societal pressure. Marriage and High Roads From my own life, I see marrying an atheist Hindu man did make me change my last name. I did it as a measure of easing certain situations in life.

Marrying within the faith is still common in the United States, with nearly seven-in-ten married people (69%) saying that their spouse shares their religion, according to a recent Pew Research Center survey.

We’re a network rather than a formal organization with members and officers, and we’re doing this in our spare time, so please be patient if we can’t respond to immediately.

With some financial help from the Community Development Foundation we’ve produced a resource pack for mixed faith couples that you can download here.

We started the Interfaith Marriage Project because we realized that very little help or information was available for people like us, and couples and families often have to face the issues alone.She says that when she ran for the position of Hillel President last year, some notable people in the community expressed concern over her involvement in an interfaith relationship.“It was not a huge issue,” she said, “but it was something that I had to justify.”Many Harvard Jewish students say that both dating and marrying within the faith are important to them.“I think that dating within the faith..a strong value that many Jews have.To have the president or the moral leader of the community not acting in line with that value is a questionable thing,” Summer said. GOD Some students say that having a partner of a different faith or with a different level of commitment to the faith may interfere with their own relationship with God. Gillis ’08, a Protestant from an Evangelical background, says the importance of shared religious beliefs is emphasized in The New Testament. Summer ’06 always assumed that she would raise her children Jewish.Now that she’s in a serious relationship with a practicing Catholic, however, her children’s faith is no longer quite so certain.

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Following are five tips to help Catholics grow spiritually in such marriages.

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