Updating bios without floppy drive

Flashing the BIOS is one of those "must be done from a bootable DOS disk" operations. The "depends on the phase of the moon, brand of media, and which computer it was formatted on" unreliability?

And it's a pain every single time, mainly because the PC industry can't seem to rid itself of the crappy legacy 1.44mb floppy diskette drive.

In todays’ age, you would think that when you have to update BIOS on your servers, you will be downloading an exe file and simply run it from your machine, ofcourse assuming you are running Windows on the machine.

I was in for an unpleasant surprise of finding out that Super Micro’s Micro Cloud systems can only be updated using one of the two methods: Let’s talk option 2 for a moment. You can simply go to of your server and update BIOS.

I'm currently building up my new Pentium M system for HTPC duties.

When DOS is booted up on the computer, you’d probably have to switch to the floppy disk that contains the BIOS update file.

When the check is complete, it will ask if you wish to go ahead with the update.

Select "Yes" and press "Enter." EZ Flash will then update the BIOS.

I didn’t mention bootable DOS floppy image as 8MB BIOS update will not fit on floppy image. I spent almost 3 days, trying all different tools that allow me to create bootable CD.

However, almost all failed to produce desired bootable ISO image.

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Asus is one such company, using an interface that they call EZ Flash, which can boot the PC to a level capable of reading from a CD or USB flash drive to update the BIOS quickly and easily.

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