Intimidating hockey masks

With that in mind, we tried to find as many instances of characters dressing up as Friday the 13th’s hero (yes, he the hero) in honor of Halloween.

So turn out your lights and put the lawyers to bed... Let’s start with the obvious: Back before the ESRB was looking over anyone’s shoulder, the LJN toy company struck while the horrific iron was hot and promoted the slasher genre’s biggest character directly to children.

Plus, Vader's mask looks like a jet black skull, which is awesomely terrifying.

Also Ranked #11 on The Best Movie Characters of All Time #2 on The Best Movie Villains of All Time #46 on The Best TV Villains of All Time #22 on The Most Likeable TV Anti-Heroes Franchise Hiding his deformed face behind a hockey mask was what started this iconic character's reign of terror.

Masks have been popular in all forms of entertainment since... They were one of the first, if not the very first, tools used by humans for storytelling and spectacle.

All across the world, nearly every culture uses some kind of masks to dramatize a situation, be it around a campfire, on a stage, or used in protest.

Not sure how you’d explain Jason’s Teletubby color scheme, but we’ll assume that they went light on the scares and gore due to Nintendo’s archaic censorship policies of yore.Either way, other platforms had no such scruples and painted a far grislier picture.Go ahead and attribute this Mario mainstay’s origination to any game you want, because the Shyguy’s been appearing in appearing in Nintendo games for over 20 years.Other thematic Galleries: Pro Classics | When I Was Young | Stanley Cup Celebration | Training Camp Classics | Dance Mates | Shooting Gallery | Legendary Lines and Line-Ups | Squeeze Play | Emotional Roller Coaster | Bodies In Motion | The Contemporary Goalie | The NHL All-Star Game | Fashion Mavericks | The Photo Shoot | Crease Traffic | Historic Winter Olympics | 2002 Winter Olympic Games | Making the Grade | Skates of Greats | Playing the Game2002 Tour - Red Wings | 2003 Tour - Devils | 2004 Tour - Lightning | 2006 Tour - Hurricanes | 2007 Tour - Ducks | 2008 Tour - Red Wings | 2009 Tour - Penguins | 2010 Tour - Blackhawks | 2011 Tour - Bruins | 2012 Tour - Kings | 2013 Tour - Blackhawks | 2014 Tour - Kings The masks of pre-modern civilizations were often colourful and graphic, designed to intimidate enemies and protect the wearer.Today modern hockey goaltenders wear masks that serve the same purpose.

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