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Perhaps the only difference is that my motive has been to make them smile.Each day I get on the train to make the half hour voyage into San Francisco for work, I am surrounded by people using their phones.Most photographers who say they struggle with the confidence to shoot people is the bigger issue.If we want to get really psycho-analytical, the fact that they are considered “strangers” and not “people” is probably a bigger problem.

It came to be so frustrating that I never use the app anymore. What if they get mad, what if they yell at me, or what if they go completely psycho on me? Even the school of Bruce Gilden photographers have hardly been bothered with their “mugging style portrait.” For all the threats I read on websites, no one has punched out Charlie Kirk or Eric Kim.Keyboard warriors are much more violent than the real thing.KANSAS CITY, MO - A short conversation between a customer and employee at a fast food drive thru has changed both of their lives for the better.Don Carter went through a Popeyes drive thru late one evening, just a few minutes before the restaurant was scheduled to close.

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When Carter revealed to Mays, whom he'd only crossed paths with once before at the drive thru, what he'd done for her, the kind act moved her nearly to tears.

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