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If you like low-key creative types, share what it is you make. Put forward the version of yourself that’s most attractive to the person you’re trying to see naked.Online dating is like advertising: Know your ideal audience and target them by positioning yourself to be as appealing as possible.

Indirectly slagging online dating off not only makes you look negative it also implies there’s something wrong with the way they’re trying to meet someone too. I understand when you introduce yourself as ‘just a normal kind of guy’ you are trying to sound down to earth but what it actually makes you sound is pretty boring.

Girls don’t want just a normal kind of guy, they want someone fun and different!

Likewise reeling off a list of adjectives is totally pointless.

Talk about what you love about travelling, where’s been your favourite place so far, where would you like to visit in the future?

Insights like this not only make you sound super interesting, but they provide a conversation starter for that first message.

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Go Solo It’s a good idea to have a few pictures in your gallery of you with your friends or even pets, but for that profile picture make sure it’s just you. Profiles pictures aren’t just a way of showing what you look like, they can also be a great way to show another side of your personality. A Little Bit About Me Imagine your ‘Personal Profile’ summary as the blurb of a book.

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