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Of course, the couple in question was obvious as soon as Tom Bergeron revealed at the top of the show that Billy Dee Williams and __Emma Slater__would not be dancing because the former As I mentioned last week, one of my favorite couples to interview backstage is Meryl Davis and Maksim Chmerkovskiy. "Maks: "You'll have to ask her."Glamour: "Seriously though, you're just so good together and complement one another so well."Maks: "She's definitely good for me.I've never seen him so taken with a partner or so well matched. Getting Meryl this season really opened up my eyes of how important it is to have that chemistry with your partner on this show. Meryl brings out the best in me, and I'm glad people see that."Glamour: "The chemistry that you were just talking about..was obviously so evident on the dance floor tonight, but what is it like when you're practicing? That's what makes her so amazing to work with. I've had brilliant people [in the past], including Erin [Andrews], but we never had that.Just a day after their elimination from Dancing With The Stars in Week 4, partners Holly and Dmitry were photographed arriving at Gramercy Park Hotel together.It's not really clear whether anything was going on, or if they were just doing a promo tour together (likely), but hey, why not?And always continue to grow, stronger and higher reaching towards the heavens. Love you two." If this is the way Hough writes on social media, we can only imagine his best man speech!See More: Tips to Keep Your Best Man from Embarrassing You During His Speech But even more standout than Hough's sure-to-be stellar speech are BC Jean and Ballas' wedding photos.With several former pros returning to the show this season, it looks like there’s not room for everyone.Entertainment Tonight reports Derek Hough, Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Gleb Savchenko are all returning to the show.

As for Dovolani, he announced his departure from the show after 21 seasons of being a part of the cast and the announcement came via Instagram.And it seems that Hough was just as impressed with the big day details as we are!In fact, the groom's designated BFF took to Instagram post-"I dos" to gush over the newlyweds.When asked, there has never been out right denials or confirmations, but lots of chuckles. Chad Ochocinco and Cheryl Burke ( Season 10) Since almost the beginning of the season, there have been many 'little hints' dropped...albeit mostly by Chad.He has professed his love for Cheryl and there has been the, now famous, diamond ring.

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After the show, Meryl and Charlie White both had to leave quickly (they're headlining Stars on Ice in Orlando this weekend), so I got Maks all to myself to ask him the question that has been on my mind since week one. I just want it on the record that most people don't know who I am. "Maks: "She's brilliant, and I tell her, ' We have to stay in character.' The first time we [practiced this dance], I'm a guy and she's a girl. We had that moment with Erin in the freestyle, but she only let me that close on that week. That's not for public knowledge, but she's definitely an amazing person."So, there you go.

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