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She has been known to be single with no boyfriend now. She has now retired from the acting and music field to focus on her academic endeavors but will surely return to do the deed as time comes.

Allie Di Meco was born on 12 June 1992, in Waterbury, Connecticut, USA. Her mothers’ name is Laura Di Meco and her father sadly died when she was five years old. Her nationality is American and she is of mixed ethnicity of Korean, Caucasian, German, French, and Japanese. She has now retired from the entertainment industry to focus on her studies. There are no any rumors regarding her personal and professional life at the present time.

Their first single, Crazy Car, was painstakingly bad.The story is based around Nat and Alex's unsuccessful love life. He "left" the band because some whore wouldn't let him see his first set of hooters.In one unfortunate episode Nat received his first kiss by the alien-girl in the band, Rosalina.It's Christmastime but Nat has the holiday blues thanks to the fact that Rosalina's letters from abroad have recently been ending with a steadily decreasing number of Xs and Os. It's basically a band full of 6 members that haven't had their testicles drop yet.

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Roselina thinks that Alex is funny, and she thinks that stand up comedians are very brave.

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