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And so he would have lived happily ever after, had not he pushed in front of Mr Jackson in the lunch queue and, strangely, that very afternoon, the script changed to have Haldir lead a troupe of elves into Helms Deep only to suffer an urk-hai axe in the back and a slow, lingering death in the arms of Aragorn.Craig currently lives in London where the shoes are fantastic. ’ and…I think the Canadian people are very similar to the New Zealand people, which makes it very comfortable being here. But I’ve never been to Vancouver, which Torontoans love. Toronto has been home now for almost a year and a half. Being here is so strange because the very first week I was here, I was like, ‘Why is it so familiar?Parker starred in the TVNZ soap Shortland Street, as Guy Warner, a character that has made several return appearances, most recently involving a story where Guy ran off with his brother's wife, Toni, only to return months later as a drug addled loser who attempted to use his daughter to score drugs for him.It ultimately led to the death storyline of Toni Warner.Apart from Scottish ancestry, Parker has Welsh, Danish, and English ancestry.

And the crew are very much like New Zealand crew in that it’s the same level of everyone in it together, working as a family, trying to make the best show possible.

He also appears as Gaius Claudius Glaber in the Starz original series Spartacus: Blood and Sand, and Spartacus: Vengeance which premiered on 22 January 2010 and is also produced by Raimi and Tapert.

His grandfather moved from Edinburgh, Scotland, to Fiji when he was stationed during his years of service in the British Army.

Within the show and also that period, it's about lineages, and dynasties.

] Well, we decided that even though he plays a villain on the show, we'd sit down for an EXCLUSIVE interview with Craig , to get some deets on everything about his character… So, OBVIOUSLY We had to ask Craig about his status as a villain on the show. He does terrible things, and people suffer for his decisions, but he believes this is the only way the system works and it's his duty to maintain that system.

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And what do you do to get into character to play him? Trying to protect the world which he believes is the right way it should be. He’s never been poor – well, he has been poor but he’s never actually suffered the sufferings of the everyday people.

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