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I can appreciate aspects of feminism, but I prefer gender roles. We love our modern independence in life and in love, but deep down, we want guys to treat us like ladies. He likes you, he's excited about you, and he wants you to know it. Note: I have the same reaction to pulling out chairs and lifting heavy objects. He lets you know he's into you, and he's confident enough that he doesn't care about playing it cool. We see he's not a fan of her sarcastic quips, but the fact that he's putting a smile on makes us all warm and fuzzy inside.5. Oh, and he also walked you to your car in that shady parking structure/dark parking lot (because those locations are scary). There are plenty of overdone, washed out ways to make your girlfriend feel safe and secure in your relationship, but it's really the smallest, simplest gestures that are actually the most noteworthy.

Dating today is tough, and we women always seem to have doubts about the guys that roll into our lives. So if he puts in the time and does the little things, it's like a screening process for us. Here's to all the women who are looking for that chivalrous, good-hearted guy. I don't see this much anymore, living in a liberal area with a younger populace. I slowed down, looked him in the eye and thanked him. and waiting, and waiting, and checking our phones, and waiting, and waiting, and checking to make sure our phones are actually functioning, and waiting, and waiting. Women crave reliability, but we no longer anticipate it. We know a man's serious if he will gladly meet mom and shake hands with dad. What we do love, however, is a guy who will grab our hand on the street or give us a quick peck on the cheek. We love that he loves being with us, and we think it's rather fantastic that he wants others to know, too.tumblr6. Imagine this: He's not waiting three days to call you. As women, we like to feel safe, like someone has our backs. We can tell when a guy wants to know more about us, more about what we believe, and more about how we think and react."To My Boyfriend" is a ballad co-written by Hyuna with Son Young-jin and Im Sang-hyuk, also the song's composers.The last track, "Very Hot", was written and composed by Hyuna and best friend, Kim Lee-won."Samantha always puts on lip balm before we make out.It's just a silly habit she has, but it makes her lips so smooth." —Patrick, 242.

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